What are the Other Benefits of Sauna Detox Process

The New-Life Detoxification Program, also known as the Narconon Sauna, has long been used as a vital and very successful part of the drug-free Narconon program. Decades ago, it was also referred to as The Hubbard Method of detoxification, named after L. Ron Hubbard, who researched and developed it.

Known for its efficacy in ridding the addict’s body of drug residuals which remain stored in the tissues after drug use, it is an integral part of reducing and/or eliminating the drug cravings which drive the addict to relapse and reversion. It is also widely known to result in a resurgence of physical and mental well-being. Quite in addition to this life-changing potential of handling drug residues, it is historically known to provide other far-reaching and life-changing benefits.

Bitter Harvest

A tragedy unfolded in the early 1970s in the state of Michigan. PBB, a fire-retardant chemical was accidentally substituted for a nutritional supplement fed to farm animals. The resulting contamination to milk, meat and other foodstuffs resulted in virtually the entire Michigan population ingesting the chemical. The story of the tragedy was detailed in the book, Bitter Harvest.

The Hubbard Method (Hubbard Regimen) of detoxification was used in a study carried out on those Michigan residents who were heavily exposed to the PBB chemical. In the study, participants were initially tested for their levels of the PBB chemical and other toxic substances in their bodies.

As a note on the severity and long-term consequences of such chemical toxicity, the article outlining this study notes that prior studies established the fact that it takes 10 to 20 years plus for stored residues of these chemicals to reduce naturally by one-half.

In brief, toxic levels of the chemicals were established by analyzing body- fat tissue samples. The Madison, Wisconsin-based Hazelton Laboratories did the analyses.

A Healing Harvest

Upon completion of the Hubbard Regimen, participants in the program were re-tested. A policy analyst for the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) who participated in the Michigan study, Dr. David Schnare, reported that the Hubbard Regimen brought about an immediate reduction in 20 percent of all the 16 chemicals studied.

Of perhaps greater significance were the results of a follow-up examination done four months later. It revealed an average reduction of greater than 40 percent for all chemicals.

According to Dr. David Katzin, medical director of a Los Angeles-based clinic which delivered the Hubbard program, the follow-up analyses were a possible indication “that the Hubbard Regimen rehabilitates a natural mechanism for the elimination of toxins” from the human body.

A Bounty of Benefits

Dr. Max Ben, author of the article Is Detoxification a Solution to Occupational Health Hazards? published in the National Safety News in May, 1984, cites the fact that persons who completed the Hubbard Regimen program in Michigan, as well as other places, have expressed their “relief from a variety of exposure-related maladies.” Those maladies mentioned ranged from open sores apparently stemming from Agent Orange exposure in Viet Nam, the notorious defoliant used during the Viet Nam War, to problems related to the prior use of street drugs.

Furthermore, Dr. Ben noted that if, as the Hubbard Regimen indicates, such chemical toxins can be safely removed from the body, it may then “be possible to resolve the entire problem of human contamination” as well as “chemically related disease.”

Those who have experienced the benefits of the same program of detoxification while on the Narconon drug rehabilitation program routinely report a resurgence in physical and mental well-being, along with improved health and mental clarity.

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