The Best Physical Activity During Narconon Sauna Treatment

The New-Life Detoxification Program, or Narconon Sauna, is one of the stellar components of the non-traditional, drug-free Narconon drug rehabilitation program. The Narconon Sauna is unique in its potential to truly help an individual recover a pre-drug level of mental alertness and physical well-being. It is unique, as well, in providing the foundation for a person to maintain sobriety and live-drug free without relapse.

An Overview of the Narconon Sauna

Occupational medicine specialist, Dr. David Root, M.D., M.P.H. (Master of Public Health) is extremely well-versed in the sauna detoxification component of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program.

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Root has studied, observed and delivered the sauna detoxification program in his own private medical practice. In sharing his professional opinion based on his long-term and extensive experience, he notes it is “far and away the best program available” to help addicts get off and stay off the drugs they are addicted to.

He further explains that Narconon sauna detoxification reduces the “burden of drugs in the body”, thereby reducing the tendency of a recovering addict to relapse and begin using drugs once again.

It is known that drug residues accumulate in the fatty tissues of the body as a result of drug use. Stress, exercise, fasting and other such circumstances mobilize these stored drug residues, sending them circulating through the body again via the bloodstream. As a result, an individual can experience their detrimental effects, ranging from drug flashblacks to simply feeling terrible.

All too often, the condition triggers drug cravings, compelling the person to relapse and drug use in an attempt to find relief. And until such drug residues and other stored toxins are released from the body, an individual remains at risk of relapse and all its consequences.

The Best Physical Activity

The Narconon Sauna program includes a healthy diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, and time spent sweating in a dry-heat sauna. The carefully supervised regimen ensures the drug residues and toxins are dislodged from the fatty tissues and released from the body.

An important factor in getting the best results the sauna program has to offer is the physical exercise which gets the heart rate up, increasing the blood flow through the body and thereby assisting in the detoxification process.

Each person on the Narconon Sauna program exercises at a level which is comfortable for him or her, with the majority of individuals increasing their level of exercise as a matter of choice as they begin to feel better, stronger and more vibrant.

While various forms of exercise serve to increase both the heart rate and blood circulation, running has proven to be very effective, if not the most effective in accomplishing both the increased heart rate and increased circulation, thus expediting the dislodging of the drug residues into the bloodstream where those toxins can be released from the body through sweating.

Many on the sauna find that an invigorating outdoor run works best for them, while others prefer an indoor run on a treadmill. Either choice is an excellent one, getting the ideal exercise result which ensures the drug residues are dislodged and circulating, available to be discharged from the body along with the adverse effects on the person’s well being.

With the release of the drug residues and toxins into the bloodstream, the person will experience a myriad of effects, but as he or she continues through the sauna program, any uncomfortable or unpleasant effects will lessen and abate. Those who have completed the Narconon Sauna program report experiencing a resurgence in physical and mental well-being, with many people reporting more mental clarity, greater energy and generally feeling healthier overall.


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