Studies Show Narconon Sauna Has Number of Health Benefits

The Narconon sauna detox program plays a crucial role in the overall scope of the Narconon drug rehab program, and it is a large part of the reason why the program is so effective at helping addicts recover from dependence on drugs and alcohol. Drug rehab is not, however, the only use of the sauna detox. It is not a specialized treatment, but rather a wide-ranging approach to detoxifying the body and giving the person a fresh start in life. It was developed in 1978 by American researcher L. Ron Hubbard, as a way to help a person detoxify and relieve the burden of the accumulation of toxic residues in the increasingly chemical world in which we live. There are many different types of detox regimens, but this program, which has been referred to as the Hubbard Method, is unique for its combination of steps that are targeted at cleansing the body. Narconon has embraced the Hubbard Method for decades, and has used it to great effect in helping countless men and women to get relief from the long-term effects of substance abuse and to clear the way for a new start in life. But this does not tell the full story of what the Hubbard Method can do.

In the May 1984 issue of National Safety News, a publication of the National Safety Council, Dr. Max Ben published a report titled “Is Detoxification a Solution to Occupational Health Hazards?” The article provided an in-depth look at the Hubbard Method, but the focus was not at all on drug rehab but instead on the possibility that Hubbard’s sauna detox program could be used to treat occupational diseases caused by chemical exposure on the job. To put the importance of such a detox in context, consider the figures that Dr. Ben cites at the outset of the article:

  • •55,000+ chemicals being used for commercial purposes
  • 3,000 chemical food additives
  • 700 chemicals commonly found in drinking water

In this framework, it would be easy to see that nearly anyone in today’s world is being bombarded with chemical substances, many of which may be harmful to the person’s health. The report from Dr. Ben, however, was focused on those who work in occupations where they are especially at risk of chemical exposure as part of their job duties.

Narconon Sauna Detox Long-Term Effects

Dr. Ben’s report on the Hubbard Method cited a recent study performed in Michigan in which people who had suffered exposure to polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), a fire retardant, as a result of a serious accident in which PBB was fed to farm animals, resulting in contamination of the study subjects’ food. At the outset of the Michigan study, the subjects were tested to accurately determine their levels of PBB and other chemicals. Following the completion of the Hubbard Method, the people who were participating in the program were found to experience an average reduction of around 20% in the chemicals tested for. This wasn’t all, however; the results continued as time went on. Four months later, the researchers conducted follow-up tests with the study subjects, and found that they had experienced an average reduction of 40% in the tested chemicals. To put this in perspective, the normal time period required for such a major reduction in chemical stores would be in the range of 10 to 20 years, not a matter of a few months. Evidently, the Hubbard Method works by providing an immediate cleansing effect, and also triggers a process in the body which causes this effect to continue. The Hubbard Method not only gives the person a boost while he or she is doing the program, but sets him or her on a path to ongoing recovery and health improvements into the future.

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