Sauna Detoxification Program Helps Addicts Improve Their Lives

The following are reviews on the Narconon sauna detox program from former and current patients at Narconon facilities:

Higher Energy Levels

It is my 2nd time doing sauna. I must admit that I do feel much better this time around. I have noticed that my energy levels are much higher than they used to be, my memory has sharpened, vision is better and I think clearer. I got much more out of sauna the 2nd time around and I feel that I have gotten out a whole lot of toxins that I had in my body. I feel totally new and revitalized. I am actually pretty happy and pleased with myself for doing this. Thanks for every thing. It has helped a lot. A.M.

Success with Narconon Sauna

I have had tons of success here at Narconon repairing my mind, body and soul. The sauna program was a lot of fun and also a little bit difficult at times. After going through the sauna detoxification, I feel 10,000 times better about all the things in my life and my body’s ability to function in this world. I am really grateful that I was able to do this. J.B.

I Feel Like A New Man

After completing sauna, I feel like a new man. My mind feels sharper and my body feels healthier. It feels so good to feel this good. I feel an increase in stamina and energy. I have also noticed that my breathing has greatly improved. I am thankful for my recent gains and thankful for the help I have been given. I am very happy to have rid myself of toxins and glad to have a clean body and clear mind. F.N.

Awesome Experience in Narconon Sauna

I had an awesome experience in sauna! I went through an array of emotions and physical transformations. I feel 100% ready to start the rest of my program with a clean slate. L.H.

Feel Better Daily

Sauna was great. I had a lot of fun. I feel better every day. N.S.

I Achieved Significant Growth with Sauna Treatment

When I came into sauna I thought I felt pretty good already because I had come here in such a bad shape. My health was in a dire state, and my spirit was broken. Every day in sauna, I reacted in some way. At first I was very emotionless and mentally dull. I decided that this would be an ideal time to start making some positive improvements in my life so I began to focus first on the exercise since I had to do it anyway as part of the sauna program. Instead of doing the minimum 20 minutes, I worked up to 30 minutes. Making this small improvement, and the fact that I had a goal I was working toward prompted more positive thinking and actions throughout the day. At first my reactions were euphoric, short lasting and pleasant. Then about halfway through my emotions were re-emerging, usually at a heightened intensity. I kind of felt a little crazy and frustrated by my over reaction to things and people, but I am told that this is normal. The last part of sauna for me was a beautiful and significant time of growth in my awareness, insight and spirituality. I feel anew physically, mentally and spiritually and have learned and continue to learn how to appropriately handle and express my emotions. L.H.

I Can See Better

When I first came into sauna, I did not feel like myself. I noticed that I was not able to perform in sports as well as I used to. I was not able to focus and my mind just could not comprehend much of anything. While in sauna I noticed all of those things changing for the better almost immediately. I felt Roxy come out of my body the second day in sauna. I felt marijuana. Molly and cocaine all leave my system. It was a very interesting experience. It is amazing how well this program works. I can see color better and have an overall clearer vision. I have gotten my athletic abilities back and my body feels amazing. I am so full of energy. N.S.

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