Results of Narconon Sauna Program Show it Handles Much More Than Addiction

The May, 1984 issue of National Safety News, a publication of the National Safety Council, carried a report titled “Is Detoxification a Solution to Occupational Health Hazards?” In the report, Dr. Max Ben discussed a program he referred to as “The Hubbard Method.” This method is currently perhaps most well known as the sauna detoxification step of the Narconon New Life Detoxification program. The sauna detox is one of the primary reasons why Narconon has earned recognition as being one of the most effective drug rehab programs in existence. To understand why the sauna detox plays such a pivotal role in the Narconon program, we can turn back to the National Safety News and find out what Dr. Ben had to say about it more than 30 years ago. In the article, he details the mechanics of the sauna detox, and explains how it actually does far more than help a person recover from drug addiction. The Hubbard Method is in fact an address to the problem of how to keep a body healthy in a world that is becoming increasingly saturated with chemicals.

At the time of Dr. Ben’s article, it was estimated that there were more than 55,000 chemicals being used for commercial purposes of various types. This staggering figure included around 3,000 which were being added to food for various purposes ranging from preservatives to artificial flavorings, and approximately 700 that were found in drinking water. Since the mid-1980’s, there have been considerable efforts to clean up the environment and reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in food and elsewhere, but we still live in a chemical world, and in many ways the amount of chemical exposure has gotten even worse. Dr. Ben’s analysis of how The Hubbard Method works to relieve the burden of chemicals in the body is if anything even more relevant now than it was when he wrote the article. Essentially, The Hubbard Method is designed to detoxify the body by flushing out accumulated residues of harmful chemicals which have become lodged in the fatty tissues of the body. Unaddressed, these toxic residues can have a harmful effect on the person’s physical health and mental clarity, as evidenced by the enormous positive changes that occur when a person uses The Hubbard Method to detoxify.

The Narconon Sauna Program’s Long-Term Benefits

The article in National Safety News discussed the effectiveness of The Hubbard Method at treating everything from street drug residuals to open sores caused by exposure to the notorious Agent Orange defoliant chemical used in the Vietnam war. In the article, Dr. Ben does not merely rely on anecdotal evidence from the statements of people who had completed The Hubbard Method, but actually refers to scientific tests that were performed in an effort to validate the program. This included before-and-after samples of fatty tissue, which found that the chemical saturation of this tissue was reduced dramatically between the beginning and completion of the program, as well as at a four-month follow-up examination. Apparently, The Hubbard Method was not only cleansing the patient’s body during the time while actively working through the program, but also does something to kickstart a mechanism in the body which works to eliminate toxins from the body. A person who completes The Hubbard Method as part of Narconon or another program can expect to not only enjoy immediate gains but can also look forward to the likelihood of continued improvements as the body keeps working to remove toxic substances from the cells. The Hubbard Method therefore contributes greatly to making Narconon a fresh start for a person who has been suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, and it do wonders for helping a person to recover.

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