Nutrition Can Greatly Aid in Sauna Detox Process

Nutrition is the processes by which a living organism assimilates food, and uses it for its maintenance, repair and growth. Nutrition is also defined as a source of materials to nourish—to give a living organism the food and care needed in order to live, grow and maintain health. Historically, the concept of nutrition is an ancient one from hundreds of years ago when in the Latin language, it meant “to nourish”. Today, we remain aware that providing a person with good nutrition is vital to good health, and is an especially vital part of recovery from substance abuse.

Substance Abuse and Nutrition

Extensive research done in the development of the New-Life Detoxification Program, or Narconon Sauna, demonstrated the fact that drugs and toxins create nutritional deficiencies in the human body in the form of mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Drugs were found to bring about a deficiency of Vitamin C and Vitamin B1, a deficiency of Vitamin B-Complex, and a deficiency of Niacin (B3). While it may be there are other deficiencies caused by drugs, the above-named list is certain.

A case in point is the fact that alcohol depends for its effects upon the person’s body being able to burn-up vitamin B1. When all the vitamin B1 is burned-up, the person will then experience nightmares and DTs—the delirium tremens which result from alcohol withdrawal, including body shaking, confusion, insomnia, agitation, seeing or hearing things not really there, profuse sweating fever, high blood pressure and/or seizures.

Aside from the ravages of drug and alcohol abuse, in any instance when vital substances on which body support depends is too-much reduced or omitted from consumption, one can expect it to result in a non-optimum physical condition.

With the knowledge of the potentially far-reaching and adverse health effects which stem from inadequate nutrition to nourish and sustain the body and its functions–whether form substance abuse, or a poor and inadequate diet common to the addiction lifestyle—the knowledge can at the same time be used in a positive and beneficial way to restore health and wellbeing as is done as a vital part of the Narconon Sauna program.

Nutrition and Sauna Detoxification

When identifying nutrition as having a vital role in Narconon Sauna detoxification, we are speaking not only about food, but vitamins and minerals as well.

There are no “special diets” required when doing the Narconon Sauna, rather the person simply eats what he or she normally would, but supplemented with plenty of fresh vegetables not overcooked, and with the recommended dosages of vitamins and minerals which are part of the nutritional regimen.

The purpose is to handle the accumulation of drug residues and impurities built-up in the person’s body, and any dietary food fads are not part of the Narconon Sauna program.

The Importance of Nutrtion

Research and decades of experience in successfully delivering the Narconon Sauna detoxification program demonstrates the importance of daily nutritional vitamins and minerals, vegetables, oils, a Calcium-Magnesium drink and the role these play in handling the traumatic mental and physical effects of drugs and other toxins.

Experience has also demonstrated that dropping-out any of the vital aforementioned supplements while a person is on the Narconon Sauna detoxification program, whether due to taking them only sporadically or skimping on amounts needed and which is contrary to the program regimen can show-up in the person tiring quickly as a general “not feeling good”, nausea, upset stomach, or a lack of energy.

The upside of knowing the above information is that at the same time, it places the correct value and importance of strictly adhering to the proven nutritional program which is known to greatly aid in the Narconon Sauna detoxification process, and thereby giving the person the full and lasting gains which are available.

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