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Is Sauna Detox Done Through a Portable Sauna

The portable sauna is something relatively new in the world of saunas. It is identified as a smaller version of the usual unit found in a gym or spa; requiring only the space to put it in and an appropriate heater-type to generate the heat for either a wet or dry sauna. Proponents of the portable sauna tout its ease of use, promoting its small size allows it to be placed inside the home, in the shed or garage, or in the backyard; with the proviso that it requires a person to have the proper capacity and the proper heating unit.

More on the Portable Sauna Concept

Many health benefits are attributed to the portable sauna by its enthusiasts, including those routinely attributed to a standard, well-built and established sauna. Some of the benefits named in this writer’s study of portable saunas were those of stress relief and relaxation, and “releasing toxins and free radicals”, implying that it may increase a person’s health level as a result.

Further study on the portable sauna showed-up the use of an infrared heat source. Infrared saunas use infrared heaters, which give-off infrared heat—heat very similar to that of the sun.

The infrared heaters in the sauna give-off infrared heat which is directly absorbed by the person’s body rather than it heating-up the room. Its effect is similar to that which is experienced while sitting in the sunshine, with feeling quite warm although the air temperature in the room remains cool.

As a general rule of thumb, the infrared heat used in a portable sauna is absorbed to the depth of 1.5 inches into the skin and underlying tissues of the body. While it is thought by some to be potentially beneficial in relieving the symptoms of pain, arthritic conditions and injuries such as strains and sprains, infrared heat is also used in cooking, so being well and accurately informed in concert with using good judgment is warranted if you are considering its use.

Sauna Detox

While a portable sauna may be suitable for routine and/or light use by an person who understands its purpose, while remaining aware of and attentive to the need to remain hydrated and not to overheat, it is most definitely not suited for sauna detoxification.

A correct and thoroughly done sauna detoxification as is done on the Narconon New-Life Detoxification Program, also known as the Narconon Sauna, is a very precise, tightly run and tightly supervised regimen which has specific protocols and a very specific end-result.

Based on extensive research and decades of experience in successfully getting thousands of individuals through sauna detoxification worldwide, it is known that the Narconon Sauna detoxification program is designed to assist in the releasing and flushing of accumulated drug and toxic residues which may be lodged in the body tissues, out of the body; while at the same time rebuilding the impaired cells and tissues.

The purpose of sauna detoxification cannot be safely or fully achieved by sitting in a portable sauna, and in fact, could potentially put the person attempting to do so at great risk for the following reasons:

  • The Narconon Sauna, or sauna detoxification program, is a precise regimen which includes exercise, followed by prescribed periods of sweating in a moderate dry heat sauna.
  • The individual is required to take certain vitamins, minerals and nutrients to enable a sweating – out of accumulated toxins.
  • The individual is on a nutritional program, which includes the person’s regular diet supplemented with plenty of lightly cooked fresh vegetables; an exact regimen of minerals, vitamins and oils; and sufficient liquids to replace body fluids lost through sweating.
  • The person maintains a properly ordered personal schedule throughout the sauna detox program, providing the normally required amount of sleep.

Due to the fact that the sauna detoxification program is a strenuous program, it requires a physical examination and written approval from an informed medical doctor before starting the program.

Another vital point regarding a safe and effective sauna detoxification program is the fact that a person may very well re-experience the various effects of drugs used in the past, as well as the effects of previously used medicine, alcohol or sedatives. It is for this reason, as well, that the individual should never attempt sauna detoxification alone and without careful supervision, and should always be teamed-up with a partner throughout.

Therefore, sauna detoxification is best done under the close supervision of individuals trained and experienced in its administration, as is done successfully Narconon centers around the world.

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