How the Narconon Sauna Saved One Client from Death

The New Life Detoxification Program, also known as the Narconon Sauna, is unique to the Narconon rehab program. It is a vital factor in truly rehabiliting a person from addiction and substance abuse, and in breaking the rehab-relapse cycle which prevents so many from achieving and maintaining the sobriety they are so desperately seeking. Most recently, we have seen a number of celebrities lose their lives to drugs, despite having been to rehabs and despite trying to get and stay clean. To wit, Amy Winehouse, Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, Corey Monteith, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, to name just a few. But they were caught in the rehab-relapse cycle of addiction and did not stably find the way out in time.

The Narconon New-Life Detoxification Program

The Narconon Sauna is an integral part of the Narconon Program, and is used in all its residential rehab centers worldwide. It is a key step in a person’s recovery from substance abuse, with many people reporting they no longer suffer from the physical cravings for alcohol or drugs upon completion of this step of the Narconon program. To be free from the drug cravings which drive a person to use again, despite having gotten clean in a rehab, is indeed a chance for a new life.

When an individual is abusing drugs or alcohol, small amounts (residues) of drug toxins remain stored in the fatty tissues of the body. The toxins can remain stored for years, having adverse effects on both the body and the mind, clouding a person’s thinking and affecting the person’s outlook on life. As long as these drug residues remain stored, it is extremely difficult for a person to attain complete recovery from substance abuse and its adverse effects.

The New-Life Detoxification Program is a carefully supervised regimen of proper nutrition, moderate daily exercise, and time spent sweating in a moderate dry-heat sauna which causes the body to flush out the drug residues and toxins through the sweat. As the toxic residues are eliminated, a person experiences a multitude of benefits, including thinking more clearly and an improved attitude towards life and others. And of great importance to an addict wanting to get and stay sober, most people report that physical cravings are greatly diminished or entirely gone.

A Life Saved

One client of the Narconon Program directly attributes the Narconon Sauna to be a life-saving action. In telling his story, B.R. relates that in the 3 years since he completed the Narconon Program, he can honestly say it has not been hard staying clean and sober as a result of what he learned, and changed, in his life.

Despite ceasing to consume alcohol several years prior to coming to Narconon due to nearly dying three different times with a high blood alcohol level, and despite having been to and completed three different 12 Step programs including the Betty Ford Center, he knew something in his life was not right.

Although he had not gone back to drinking alcohol, he was taking pills. His life was unhappy and miserable. Having been brought-up as a Christian in a Christian home, he prayed for help, willing to do whatever was required of him.

The day following his prayers, he met a doctor at his parent’s house who explained the Narconon program to him. He relates that the Narconon sauna made a lot of sense to him. As a result, within a few months following that meeting, he was in Oklahoma at Narconon Arrowhead doing the Narconon Program.

He shares that the basics of life he learned there gave him the biggest wins, the learning how to control, confront and communicate with other people and with his environment. He learned how to get the drugs out of his body, no longer craving any form of drug because of the Narconon Sauna. He relates he felt brighter and clearer as a result, having more energy and simply being happier in general.

B.R. notes that what he has to say “may sound a bit too good to be true” but with what he learned at Narconon, it changed his life and ended his drug and alcohol addiction. He adds that the Narconon Sauna was by far the best part of the program for him, giving him a new outlook on life. And that it could do that for you, too.

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