How Spa Services Differ from the Narconon Sauna

spaIf you’ve heard about the Narconon drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation program, you may have heard about its revolutionary low heat sauna therapy. You may think, “What’s so special about a sauna? I have one at my gym that I can use any time of the day.” The Narconon program is actually much different from any sauna that you have seen in a spa, next to swimming pools in hotels or at a gym.

Traditional Spa Sauna Treatments

Traditional spa sauna treatments found in most spas are usually set to high temperatures, have steam and don’t include additional therapy treatments. There is nothing wrong with these saunas and they do provide health benefits, but they differ from a Narconon sauna.

Steam saunas help to open skin pores and allow dirt and residue to wash away. This treatment is good for cosmetic effects. This type of sauna isn’t meant for you to sit in for a long period of time, however, because it is usually set at a high temperature and the steam in the air can make it difficult to breath. Ten to fifteen minutes in this type of sauna is usually all the time that should be spent without cool air breaks.

Some infrared saunas are also used for weight loss. They cause the energy levels in the body to increase while the body tries to keep the body cool. A moderately healthy person can usually sweat off five hundred or so grams in the sauna which is similar to running two to three miles. These saunas tend to be too hot to sit in for long periods of time and the weight loss benefits can be debated as any weight loss may be due simply to water weight being sweated out as opposed to the body burning fats.

Traditional saunas in spas are usually meant for relaxation before or after other spa treatments. One my get a facial or a massage in between sitting in the sauna where clients relax for short periods of time. Spa saunas are usually not monitored by an outside person to ensure dehydration is not occurring and that proper use protocols are followed.

The Narconon Sauna Treatment

A sauna used for detoxing in the Narconon program is set to a low heat temperature that can be withstood for long periods of time. The saunas are also dry heat saunas meaning there is little to no steam in the air. Narconon saunas also have assigned personnel to monitor the progress of clients. Additionally, the primary purpose of a Narconon sauna is for detoxification and not relaxation.

In addition to sitting in the sauna for long periods of time daily, clients are also put on an exercise and nutritional program. Before sitting in the sauna, Narconon has its clients take a specified amount of vitamins and minerals that help the body detox toxins based on the individual client’s needs. Then clients participate in a cardiovascular activity which increases their circulation and ability to sweat out toxins.

After both of the above two steps clients then sit in the sauna and sweat out toxins. This process is repeated daily until the client has reached a point where his body is clear of toxic residue. How many days this process will take depends on each individual client and how many toxins are in their bodies.

The final and most important part about the Narconon therapy is that it is done in a controlled environment. There are personnel around to ensure the treatment is being implemented properly and that the desired results are being achieved.


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