How Much Time is Needed for Narconon Sauna Treatment

Many drug addicts, even after having gone through rehab and even when having the desire and commitment to live a sober life, find themselves battling drug cravings. Some succumb to the overwhelming urge to use drugs again, and become caught in the rehab-relapse cycle, finding themselves in and out of drug treatment programs, and unable to stay sober for the long-term.

Why is there a Time Factor with Narconon Sauna

For those who have tried to get and stay sober, whether once or many times, it can seem an impossible and hopeless goal. But there is a specific reason for relapse, which can be understood and which can be resolved.

In its simplest terms, the body stores the residues of the drugs which the person has used, as well as other chemical toxins to which the person has been exposed. Those drug residuals remain lodged in the body tissues, capable of remaining stored for years even after the person ceases to use drugs.

When those residues are dislodged, whether by physical or emotional stress or some other physical factor, a former drug user can find themselves in the midst of a full-on high, and craving more of the drug which has gone into circulation in their body.

It can be seen that until which time that these stored drug residuals and chemical toxins are no longer in the body, the person remains at risk of relapse and drug cravings.

Fortunately, the Narconon Sauna, or New-Life Detoxificaiton Program, provides a proven means by which to flush these harmful drug residuals from a person’s body, freeing them from their adverse and harmful effects.

The Narconon Sauna Detox Program

The Narconon Sauna is a comprehensive and precise regimen composed of certain elements which are an integral part of its effectiveness and results.

Its purpose is to assist in the releasing and flushing from the body the accumulated drug and other toxic residues which may have become lodged in the body tissues, while also rebuilding the impaired cells and tissues of the body.

The Narconon Sauna is a precise regimen which includes the following elements:

  • Daily exercise to stimulate the circulation, with running being the preferred form.
  • Prescribed periods of time spent sweating in a moderate, dry-heat sauna.
  • A nutritional program which includes the person’s regular diet supplemented with plenty of fresh vegetables, an exact regiment of nutritional supplements, and sufficient liquids to replace fluids lost through sweating.
  • A properly ordered personal schedule which ensures the person on the program gets their normally required amount of sleep.

How Long Does it Take and Why

In order to flush the drugs and toxins out of the body, it requires a combination of exercise (running preferred) and time spent in the sauna, sweating.

Once a person begins the Narconon Sauna program, the daily schedule is 5 hours per day, which includes twenty to thirty minutes of running, and four to four and one-half hours of sauna time.

Sauna time is interspersed with breaks that act to prevent unnecessary discomfort, or overheating or other unnecessary reactions. What has proven to work best is for the person to spend time in the sauna to get a good sweat going, and sweating for awhile. Then, to go out and cool down, get some fresh air and some space, as needed. The person then goes back into the sauna for some more sweating.

With plenty of liquids—many people take jugs of water with them into the sauna—and adequate salt, potassium and Bioplasma (tissue salts that help restore the body’s cellular balance after depletion), sauna time routinely goes very well.

A tightly run sauna program, honestly and fully done, averages 3 weeks in length, but can take more depending on the person’s drug history, their physical condition, and their ability to adhere to the schedule and elements of the sauna program.

The purpose of running as the first daily action is to get the blood circulating in the body and get the system functioning so the impurities can be released and flushed out. Running increases the circulation throughout the body, causing the cell waste to be carried-out more quickly. It also causes the circulation to go deeper into the tissues and muscles, assisting in the ridding of accumulated deposits which may be lodged there.

Immediately after running, the person goes into the sauna to sweat. Those impurities which have been freed-up by means of increased circulation as a result of the exercise can now be dispelled from the body through the pores.

It is a given that the sauna program can be strenuous, and not every individual can immediately begin with a full five-hour stint in the sauna. Some individuals have successfully done the sauna program on a shorter daily schedule, but when a person begins with a suitable level of exercise and time in the sauna, working-up as to a full schedule, it goes smoothly.

It is also a given that age, stamina and physical condition can be factors in the scheduling and/or the length of time required to complete the Narconon Sauna program to result.

According to reports, the time and effort spent in doing the Narconon Sauna results in a resurgence in wellbeing that makes every moment in pursuit of that goal well worth it.


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