How Long Should Narconon Sauna Take

The Narconon Sauna may be the most effective existing means for helping addicts overcome and free themselves from drug cravings, for many the constant battle which they cannot win. It is the drug cravings which drive the rehab-relapse cycle, and which can bar the door to achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety. Fortunately, the Narconon Sauna directly addresses the source of drug cravings and their adverse effects upon the individual.

The Basics of the Narconon Sauna

The Narconon Sauna program is a thoroughly researched and validated means by which to rid the body of stored drug residuals and other chemical toxins. It is a given that any one of us is exposed to life-hostile chemical toxins on a routine basis, with pesticides, dirty air, food preservatives and colorings, chemical dyes and perfumes, X-rays, and environmental radiation.

For the addict or alcoholic, there are also accumulated drug residues in the tissues of the body, residual from either prior or ongoing drug use. These residues remain in the body, continuing to exert their adverse physical and mental effects on the person.

In moments of emotional or physical stress, whether through exertion or exercise or some other form of stress, the drug residuals can be dislodged and once again go into circulation in the body. As a result, the person once again experiences their mental and physical effects, including drug cravings.

The Narconon Sauna is the means by which a person can safely and thoroughly flush these drug residuals and other chemical toxins from the body, markedly reducing or eliminating drug cravings, and resulting in a resurgence of overall mental and physical well being.

How Long Does Sauna Detox Take

The Narconon Sauna has a very exact end-result, and it is achieved through a carefully and tightly supervised regimen. Properly done, it results in the person being freed from the adverse effects stemming from the presence of residuals of past drugs, chemicals and other toxic substances. He or she will no longer be feeling the effects stemming from the reactivation of these residuals, and the person routinely experiences a resurgence of an overall sense of well-being.

In order to obtain the exact end-result, there are basic elements to the Narconon Sauna which include daily exercise, prescribed periods of time which are spent sweating in a moderate, dry-heat sauna; a nutritional program including an individuals’ regular diet along with lightly cooked fresh vegetables; and exact program of nutritional supplements and liquid intake adequate to replace body fluids lost through sweating.

The daily schedule is 5 hours each day, including running/exercise for twenty to thirty minutes; and sauna time of four to four-and-a half hours interspersed with adequate breaks which prevent unnecessary discomfort or overheating.

While a person’s drug history, physical condition, ability to follow the schedule and keep in all elements of the Narconon Sauna program can affect the length of time required to achieve the full end-result, the average length of time required to complete the program is 3 weeks.

A person who has a history of heavy drug use may require longer to complete the program, but it is not necessarily the case. The most important factor in completing the program in the average length of time is the keeping of all points of the sauna program in standardly, including the maintaining of a well-ordered and balanced personal schedule with enough nutrients and enough rest; and getting in the prescribed periods of exercise and sauna time on a daily, routine basis.

When a person keeps such a schedule as outlined above and with all points of the program fully in, he or she ordinarily can complete the Narconon Sauna program in eighteen to twenty-one days. While varying drug histories may affect the length of time required to complete, some have done so in less time, while some individuals have taken longer.

Based on the reports from those who have achieved the full end-result of the Narconon Sauna and experienced all its benefits, the effort and time expended is well worth every moment invested.

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