How Does A Sauna Work

The sauna has been part of human history for centuries. The ancient cave settlements in Spain and France are located within walking distance of natural hot springs, while the Finnish have been using the sauna since they settled in what we now know as Finland, perhaps bringing the practice with them from an earlier nomadic tribal existence. Since those ancient times, the sauna has found its way into the cultures of the world, including pre-colonial America where Native American tribes used sweat-lodges while nomadic, and later used saunas as they became more settled.

Benefits of Sauna

Saunas have been known throughout their long history to have many benefits.

The hot, dry environment of the sauna opens-up the person’s pores, relaxes their body and limbs, and unleashes a cleansing wash of sweat all over the body. As it was for the Native Americans in their sweat lodges, a person also experiences its soothing qualities which have a mental and even a spiritual aspect to them.

The Narconon Sauna, because it is a precise regimen done under careful and trained supervision, is known to have very specific benefits; the releasing and flushing accumulated toxic residues from the body, while also rebuilding impaired cells and tissues.

Those experiencing the benefits of the Narconon Sauna Program routinely report an overall resurgence in physical and mental wellbeing, along with increased mental clarity.

The Sauna Itself

A sauna is different from the steam-bath in that it uses dry heat. Because there is less moisture in the air, a person can safely sweat in a sauna with an air temperature generally around 176 degrees Fahrenheit, (or 80 degrees Celsius.)

Due to the low humidity and its wood construction, the dry-heat sauna is bearable at this temperature. Usually constructed of cedar or spruce, the wood remains relatively cool at high temperatures. The wood also releases its soothing aromatics, absorbs steam and stores the sauna heat.

Historically, the savusasauna was the forerunner of the present day dry-heat sauna. It was a wood-burning sauna; a windowless shack without a chimney, an open fire and a pile of rocks inside, designed for the smoke of the fire to seep through the cracks in its roof.

Present-day saunas now use a kiuas, a small electric, gas or woodburning stove to heat a pile of rocks. In some saunas, the stove initially heats the rocks which then continue to emit their heat into the air, while other stoves provided continual heat.

How the Sauna Works

The heat in the dry-sauna triggers sensitive nerve endings, releasing acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter which stimulates the body’s 2.3 million sweat glands. The average person can produce about 4 cups of sweat in a 15-minute stint in the sauna, thus controlling the body temperature.

Sweating is a means by which the body can excrete toxins and wastes, and the precise regimen of Narconon Sauna ensures that the accumulated toxic residuals lodged in the body tissues are loosened and flushed out.

The Narconon Sauna is distinctly different than just spending some time sweating in a sauna, or getting a do-it-yourself sauna kit for your home. While time spent relaxing in a sauna at the gym or spa, or in the sauna you built at home from a sauna kit purchased online or from a local company can provide some of the time-honored benefits which have made the sauna part of man’s culture throughout his history, the Narconon Sauna Program is much more, and is intended to give very exact and specific benefits.

The Narconon sauna is different in that it is a precise regimen which includes the following elements:

  • Exercise to stimulate circulation, with running being the preferred form of exercise.
  • Daily prescribed periods of time in the sauna accompanied with taking vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, thus enabling the person to sweat-out accumulated toxins while replacing needed nutrients.
  • A nutritional program which includes the person’s regular diet supplemented with plenty of fresh, lightly cooked vegetables; exact vitamin, mineral and oil intake; and sufficient liquids to offset the fluids lost through sweating.
  • A properly ordered personal schedule, providing the person on the sauna program with their normally required amount of sleep.

The Narconon Sauna Program routinely frees the person from the adverse effects of having done drugs, resulting in a resurgence in physical and mental well-being.

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