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Ex Patient Discusses Narconon Sauna in Review

One individual who recently completed the Narconon Sauna reported that he felt his life took a major turn for the better the moment he started on the sauna program. As with many thousands of others who have successfully completed the Narconon Sauna Program, it is a life-changing experience, and one which commonly restores a sense of physical and mental well-being to the person which has formerly been lost to substance abuse.

Beneficial Results

In addition to his life taking a major turn for the better, our featured individual expressed feeling better many times over as to the direction his life was now going since having done the sauna program, a vital component of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program.

He reported that he generally felt healthier overall, and had a lot more energy.

He experienced the ability to think far more clearly that he did before doing the sauna program, and it has enhanced his ability “to figure things out.”

He noted that he has since become friendlier to those around him.

In addition to sleeping better, he shared that he wakes-up feeling energized, ready to start his day.

As a result of doing the Narconon Sauna, he has no doubts that he has rid his body of the drug residues and toxins it once contained, thus guaranteeing himself a happy and healthy future.

And with the direction of his life now, he is happy about what his future holds.

What happens on the Narconon Sauna that changes the despair and desperation most addicts experience in their attempts break free from substance abuse and the cycle of addiction, into one of hope and happiness for the future?

The Basics of Drug Use and Abuse

Let’s take a look at the basics of what occurs with drug use and addiction, and how it is successfully addressed by the Narconon Sauna.

There is a physical and a mental side to drug use and abuse.

There is the physical tolerance and dependency generated by the use of potentially addictive substances. It is a fact that minute drug deposits (drug residuals) remain in the body, lodged in the tissues and not totally dispelled by the normal processes of elimination.

And with drug use, there is the mental recording of the drugs and their effects in the form of mental image pictures—mental copies of what the person perceived and experienced while using the drugs, including their emotions and conclusions and decisions.

These pictures in the mind can be reactivated by the drug residuals in the body, thus simulating earlier drug experiences even if the person is not actively using at the time. This is known as restimulation (reactivation).

The person experiences and is feeling two things—the actual presence of the drug residuals in his or her body; and the mental image pictures related to them.

The Basics of the Narconon Sauna

The great workability of the Narconon Sauna stems from the fact that its detoxification method rids the body of the accumulated toxic drug residuals, and as a result, the mental image picture side of it is no longer constantly reactivated.

With the harmful drug residues flushed from the body, the perfect balance of the mental and physical side of the drug use is upset, and the person no longer experiences the cross-reaction between the two.

Research and experience has demonstrated that these toxic residual substances lodged in the body must be eliminated if the person is to experience stable improvement, it being key factor in reducing and/or eliminating the drug cravings which drive a person to relapse and revert to drug use after trying to get clean and sober.

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