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After Narconon Sauna Patient Realized He Did Not Need Drugs

It can be very difficult for a family member or friend to understand why a loved one abuses drugs. For them, it seems quite obvious that drugs have created many damaging effects on the individual’s life and health, and it seems inconceivable that the individual would see any good in continuing their deadly habit. Many family members and friends experience grief, anger or hopelessness as they struggle to aid a loved one into reaching sobriety when that individual appears to be utterly convinced that they cannot live without the very drugs that are destroying their life.

In order to understand a substance abuser’s strange need to continue using drugs, one must understand a bit about how drugs affect the human body. Drugs are not simply substances that enter the body, get used, and then leave the body afterwards. Actually, drug residuals can remain in the body for years after drug use, and drugs produce physiological changes in the body, eventually causing the body to depend on them. It is this dependence that drives the individual forward into further substance abuse and makes them feel as though they need drugs just to make it through their daily life. It is not the individual’s choice or drive, and often times the individual feels helplessly trapped as they continue going through the motions of daily substance abuse. It is their body that is essentially calling the shots and perpetually providing the sensation of “need” that the individual succumbs to.

Making drugs part of the past

BK enrolled in the Narconon program with much the same conviction that many substance abusers suffer from: there is no true hope for a completely sober future. Luckily, through the help of the Narconon program, he was able to prove himself entirely wrong.

A very unique and highly successful point of the overall Narconon rehabilitation program, the Narconon New Life Detoxification program works by using a regimen of exercise, supplements and time in a dry-heat sauna to flush residual drug toxins from an individual’s body. Many individuals who struggle to achieve and maintain a sobriety from drugs are often disappointed when future cravings forcefully shove them off the wagon and back into drug use. Therefore, it is necessary to greatly reduce or entirely eliminate drug cravings, thereby giving the individual a much better chance at maintaining their sobriety into the future.

Research has proven that long after an individual has taken drugs, residual drug toxins remain in their body and are stored in the fatty tissues. Moments of high activity or stress can cause these toxins to reactivate and once again enter the individual’s bloodstream. When this happens, many individuals may feel as if they just took a hit of the drug, and they can experience side effects and cravings as a result. These cravings, in turn, can cause the individual to feel as though they need drugs again, and they can relapse into drug use as a result.

Graduates of the Narconon New Life Detoxification program often remark on the fact that they no longer experience drug cravings and that they feel more clear-headed, healthy and energetic. For BK, the program went one step further – he finally realized that he does not need drugs at all in his life. As he progressed into the life skills portion of his program, BK came to realize that drugs had failed to solve any problems for him, and had only created new ones. He understood that if he wanted to reach the goals he had set for himself, he would have to do so with complete sobriety.

By the time BK graduated from the Narconon program he knew with complete certainty that he would never use drugs again. With his new health and confidence, BK was able to get his first job and become a responsible, contributing member in the society. He is grateful to the Narconon program, which helped him realized that he is a strong, independent person without drugs.

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