A Medical Interview on the Effectiveness of Narconon Sauna

If quitting drug use was as simple a choice as beginning drug use is, many substance abusers would be able to effectively and easily achieve and maintain sobriety. However, the effects of drug use do not disappear the moment that drug use stops and these effects can make it difficult for an individual to successfully maintain their sobriety.

Even if an individual no longer feels the sensations connected with drug use, drug chemicals remain in their body, and can in fact remain there for weeks, months and even years after drug use has stopped. Their existence is not entirely stealthy or hidden, because moments of stress or physical activity can cause them to be released back into the bloodstream, where they cause the same side effects they caused the first time they were absorbed into the body.

Drug cravings are often the root cause of most relapses back into drug use. It is a sad fact that individuals who fight for sobriety and are lucky enough to be able to abstain from drug use for some period of time are yet at the risk of future relapses, whether they want them to occur or not. The body’s physical dependence on drugs that have been used and tolerated can force the individual to take more, and this sensation of physical dependence is re-created whenever drug toxins are reintroduced to the bloodstream. It is therefore imperative for an individual to detoxify their body if they truly want to achieve and maintain sobriety from drugs.

Traditional Drug Detoxification

In many rehabilitation treatment facilities, detoxification is a medical process during which the individual is helped to overcome their dependence on drugs and alcohol. This may include simply waiting the length of time it takes to no longer experience cravings or withdrawal symptoms, group or individual counseling and sometimes even replacement medications. While the intention is a valid and important one, this type of detoxification that does not actually cleanse or rid the body of drug toxins that are being stored may not be successful in helping patients maintain their sobriety into the future.

A Medical Professional’s Opinion

Dr. David Root is an Occupational Medicine Specialist who has spent the last nineteen years studying and using the sauna detoxification program developed by L. Ron Hubbard and used in the Narconon drug rehabilitation program. In an interview, Dr. Root describes why he believes the Narconon sauna program is so highly effective.

Dr. Root explains that individuals who have taken drugs do not feel good when the drugs come back out of their body. Every time an individual fasts, exercises or experiences either physical or emotional stress, the stored drug chemicals can be mobilized out of the fat stores of the body and into the main bloodstream. The individual’s usual response to the poor feeling this creates is to take more drugs, which perpetuates the vicious cycle of drug use and abuse.

Dr. Root says that the Narconon sauna program is designed to reduce the burden of drugs in the body, and thereby reduce the future possibility of drug cravings and relapse into drug use. The Narconon sauna program, which consists of a specific, carefully supervised regimen of vitamins, healthy food, exercise and sauna time, works to release all of the drug chemicals stored in the fatty tissues of the body and flush them out, so that the individual is not at risk for future cravings or relapses.

After using the L. Ron Hubbard sauna detoxification for nineteen years with great success, it is Dr. Root’s professional medical opinion that the Narconon sauna detoxification program is far and away the best detoxification program available anywhere in the world. Dr. Root says that this program helps addicted individuals come off drugs, and stay off drugs.


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