5 Things Narconon Patients Say About Detox Through Sauna

The Narconon Sauna Detox, also known as the New-Life Detoxification Program or Narconon Sauna, is unique in the field of drug rehabilitation treatment. It was esearched and developed by L. Ron Hubbard as a result of his breakthrough discoveries on the harmful effects of drugs on the spirit, mind and body. He found that residual drug deposits remain in the fatty tissues of the body of a drug user, even long after the person ceases to take drugs, and continue to exert their harmful effects upon the person.

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In the late 70’s when Mr. Hubbard was researching drugs and other toxic compounds and their effects upon the body, mind and spirit, the idea that drug residues could cause adverse effects on the person was revolutionary. Research and results in subsequent years has totally validated both the research data and the results of the program designed to effectively handle the adverse consequences of stored drug residuals—the Narconon Sauna Detox program.

The research and the sauna detox program have both proven to have extremely broad application, just as all truly fundamental and basic discoveries do. Its methodology has been used to help individuals exposed to toxic chemicals in the workplace, to help casual and well as hardcore and long-term drug users, to help those exposed to Agent Orange during the Viet Nam War, to help military veterans returning from the Gulf War, and to help those suffering from exposure to radiation such as occurred with the nuclear accident, Chernobyl.

Studies done over the decades on the use of the sauna detox methodology have provided repeated evidence of its effectiveness in ridding the body of drugs and toxins with a resultant resurgence in increased mental clarity and new hope for the future.

5 Things Narconon Patients Say

The following are some life-changing things those who have done the Narconon Sauna have to say about their personal experience and results.

Rejuvenates your body

One young man who had “torn-up” his body with drug use to the point he suffered from chronic gout, and experienced liver failure resulting in 28 days in the hospital, 14 of which were on life-support, said “after sauna, I just felt rejuvenated.”

He added that it is a program which requires you to take a lot of vitamins and “it really does rejuvenate your body.”

Things can be sweated out

One young woman, after completing the Narconon Sauna detox expressed that she had had doubts going into it, but throughout her experience in the sauna, she saw for herself that “things can be restimulated (reactivated), and can be sweated-out.” She finished by saying that after completing the Narconon Sauna detox, “I felt like I hadn’t felt in a long time.”

A renewed participation in life

Another man who completed the Narconon Sauna detox shared his experience, saying that by the end of the program, he was able to laugh and joke with other people and to have a good time.

He added that he was now out being physically active, which was “something I hadn’t done in months, if not years.”

No longer feeling the effects of having done drugs

One now very vital and alive individual simply stated that upon completion of the Narconon Sauna detox program, he “felt like I had never touched drugs in m life.”

A restoration of life

A lovely young woman shared that as she made her way through the Narconon Sauna program, she started to like herself again. She finished by saying that as a result, “I have a life. I HAVE a life! I like it!”

For more information on the Narconon Sauna program (New-Life Detoxification Program), or if you or someone you know needs help, call 1-800-775-8750

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